• Q: How many people can i bring when i book a table?
    1-3 tables = 2 exhibitor badges
    4-5 tables = 4 exhibitor badges
    6 – 8 tables  = 5 exhibitor badges
    8 + up tables  = let’s talk    

  • Q: Can I bring more people to assist me with me to setup and sell?
    A: Yes, you can bring up to 2 people with you.
    You will have to purchase 2 additional wristbands here on the vendorshop.    

  • Q: I prefer my table in front of a wall, can i request this?
    A: You can book the specified walltables in the shop. Please note that walltables cannot be combined with regular tables.    

  • Q: Do you provide transportcarts for my boxes from the car to the venue?
    A: No, you will have to arrange your own means to get unloaded and setup at the venue.
    We’ll take care of enough space for you to unload at the vendor docking bay.

  • Q: Can i get a chair with my booking?
    A: You can book a chair in the shop. On the day of the events, chairs are not available to hire.
  • Q: Can i get a 230V poweroutlet with my booked table ?
    A: You can book a walloutlet for your laptop or other consumer electronics  in the shop